Welcome to Marnilevitt.com 

It is my deep desire to help you connect with your Purpose, and help you close the gap between the greatest gifts and talents that are inside you, and their fullest expression in your life, work and path.  I want your potential to be realized, and for you to create the impact in the world that you long for.
To support you,  I offer 1-1 Life Coaching sessions and small group coaching and mastermind programs.  My style of coaching is very embodied and creative - I want you to feel those life changes in your bones, to activate your imagination so your future appears vibrantly in front of your eyes.   Your greatest tools are your awarness, your imagination, creativity and mindset.  Your greatest supports are your personal habits, routines, structures, practices, and the resources and relationships that are inside you, around you and at your fingertips (even if you may not realize that they are).